For the past 12 months I have had some serious health problems, with blood pressure readings going through the roof,(240/120) hospitalized by ambulance 3 times,( even got to hear the sirens ) Diabetes I couldn't get the desired levels, too often over 12, about 9 months ago the local clinic took me on board their coach program, they are given complete access to medical tests,regular blood tests, then a registered nurse would ring periodically to talk about the feed back they were getting from the reports.   It was mid April when Tracey K introduced me to ASEA.  Yesterday (26th June) I had a call from the clinic saying they were taking me off the serious list, but would still monitor my reports, as all my readings, blood pressure now on average 120/60, blood sugars for the past 6 months 6.7, she said what ever your doing keep it up, I changed my Dr, and most importantly my daughter Tracey made me take ASEA, thanks ASEA and thanks Tracey, good to feel fit and healthy again.

Being a regular walker around our beach area, the first week I felt different when walking, with a spring in my step, after my normal 45min I would want to go again, I'd say to my walk buddies, I feel like a Giselle the way I'm walking, (I'm 6ft an 88kg ) bit hard to imagine eh, its a unreal feeling, over the first month I was sleeping better and my general health was surprising me, the energies levels increased, and a different outlook on life..

Update 1st August.  I am  happy to report that because of the extra energy I now have, I am exercising more often, not needing a nanna nap during the day, I have now lost heaps of blubber from around my waist, having the best night sleeps ever, and feeling great, thanks Tracey and a BIG thanks ASEA.

John L      1st Aug 2012 



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    I am loving being involved with ASEA and an inspirational team.  The spirit and ethos of the company enhances my dream of bringing health and quality of life to all who take the plunge into ASEA.


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